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  • Tutoring from Dr Auld: Cambridge, UMIST and Manchester graduate.
  • Help getting in to Cambridge or Oxford to study Mathematics .
  • STEP, MAT, and Interview help.
  • 15 Years STEP Experience.
  • Knowledge of almost every STEP question dating back to 1987, and every STEP question technique.
  • Degree level Maths Tuition also offered.

    • STEP Tutor for many schools, including Langley school for boys and the Purcell school in Bushey.
    • Degree level Pure maths and Stats Class Teacher for London School of Economics
    • Pure maths and Probability Lecturer for 7City learning

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    Dr. Auld is an experienced mathematics teacher and lecturer, specializing in STEP (Oxbridge entrance) paper tuition. She runs classes in STEP and also teaches the MAT exam, Probability and Statistics, and Degree level maths, inspiring students to solve challenging maths problems and offering help with exam technique, and also Interview help. She has top exam results to date, and references and case studies are available on request.

    Private STEP and degree level Tuition available in London and online.

    Dr Auld's teaching methods for STEP are based on encouraging students to work through problems both with her and alone, and to analyze the thought processes involved in solving them. 

    These include:
    • Spotting A-level techniques (often hidden by the STEP question's complexity);
    • Seeing links and clues within the question;
    • Lateral thinking - trying to find unusual or different ways to approach a question.

    Central London is convenient for most people,
    and students often travel across England for this tuition.

    Dr Auld also tutors students online using (video) SKYPE and Messenger, including STEP students from Malaysia, Dubai, Switzerland and The U.S.A.
  • Current STEP Course and Lecture Offered:

    Please note that STEP and MAT maths are different from school maths. If you cannot already answer STEP or MAT questions, this course may be too difficult for you to follow. If you are unsure, please request some material from me to look at or book a private session.

  • October half-term: 4-day Introduction STEP Course
    with some focus on the MAT exam

    Tuesday 24th until Friday 27th October 2017

    This course is aimed at Year 13 Students, and covers theory, question and exam technique, and is also relevant for the MAT exam.
    Topics covered in this course are:
    Algebra and Functions, Coordinate Geometry and Trigonometry, Number theory, Calculus, Sequences and Combinatorics. Each class will cover essential new techniques for STEP and MAT, as well as question technique.
    Notes are provided.

    Classes held in central London, from 11.15 until 16.30 daily.

    The cost of the full 4-day course is £ 395 or £ 350 for early booking, (before October 2017).
    Possible to book 1,2, 3 or 4 days of this Course, at £ 110 per day
    Deposit required to book

    Enquire / Book.

    Three-hour Algebra and Number theory Lecture, with two-hour follow-up class
    Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th October, at David Game College in Aldgate ( www.davidgamecollege.com)

    useful for the MAT exam and interview

    held at David Game college in Aldgate (close to Aldgate tube, in the City of London), on Saturday 28th October, from 13:00 - 16:30.
    plus a follow-up class on Sunday 29th, from 14.00 - 16.00.

    This lecture will be useful for the MAT exam and also covers some interview-style questions. It will include: the importance of prime numbers in building up the set of Natural numbers, from Euclid's Unique Prime Factorisation, some Proof by contradiction, including Euclid's proof of an Infinity of Primes, as well as 'Square root (2) is irrational', and what is really making this proof work, and hence how it can be extended to other algebraic irrationals, which also leads to important Number theory techniques that are tested in STEP, MAT and a lot at Interview.

    The lecture will also cover some theory of Polynomials, including a thorough analysis of cubic curves and multiple roots, underlying 'Function' theory, including understanding how applying many-to-one functions can affect equations and inequalities, plus related understanding and techniques, that are somewhat hidden but all over STEP maths and the MAT. There will also be some interview-style questions where algebraic factorisation is used to solve some number theory problems.

    The length of the lecture is 3 hours, with a 30 minute break, and will run from 13.00 until 16.30, and the cost is £ 60.
    There will follow-up class to cover any questions arising from the lecture, on Sunday 29th Octobber, running from 14.00 - 16.00, which costs an extra £40 to attend.
    Enquire / Book.

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Central London Based.

Online tuition available.

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