STEP Mathematics

STEP Mathematics

Help getting in to Cambridge or Oxford to study Mathematics . 

STEP, MAT, and Interview help.17 Years STEP Experience. Knowledge of almost every STEP question dating back to 1987, and every STEP question technique.Degree level Maths Tuition   also offered.

I know STEP mathematics inside out, including all the hidden tricks and techniques, question style and the theory that needs to be covered. My teaching methods for STEP are based on encouraging students to work through problems both with me and alone, and to analyse the thought processes involved in solving them.

These include: Spotting A-level techniques (often hidden by the STEP question’s complexity); Seeing links and clues within the question; Lateral thinking – trying to find unusual or different ways to approach a question.

Central London is convenient for most people, and students often travel across England for this tuition, and I also tutor students online using (video) SKYPE and Messenger, including STEP students from Malaysia, Dubai, Switzerland and The U.S.A.





Easter Holiday 2018: 8-day combined Course:

4-day STEP II + 4-day Statistics and STEP III Course

3rd – 12th April  2018

held at Westminster Tutors college in London, South Kensington



I am away during the summer of 2018, so may not be able to respond to enquiries until the autumn.

I got a 1 in both STEP II and III which I could not have done without Alice! I would definitely highly recommend Alice to anyone doing STEP, or for interviews or anything really! Before I started lessons I thought there was no way I could possibly achieve my offer (1,1)! STEP looked so daunting and terrifying! But Alice helped change my way of thinking, and by working with her I became so much more confident! She has an amazing personality, so lessons with her were so much fun! You won’t regret learning with her! She’s awesome!!! 🙂” — Joanna Zhao (1,1 in STEP II and III, in year 12, 2012) [ private tuition and STEP Classes]

All bar one of ‘STEP Tuition’s’ 2017  STEP students made their Cambridge STEP offers

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