STEP Maths Courses and Classes

Easter Holiday 2018: 8-day combined Course:

4-day STEP II + 4-day Statistics and STEP III Course

held at Westminster Tutors college in London, South Kensington

This combined course covers all of the Pure topics and techniques required for STEP I,II and III, plus a Statistics and probability class.
It is aimed at Cambridge applicants with a standard STEP II and III offer, so the level of this course is high.

Part of the aim of the courses is to cover all of the techniques for each topic that are specific to STEP and also to provide an understanding of the underlying theory and ideas being tested.

  • Easter 4-day STEP I/II Topics Course     Tuesday 3rd to Thursday 12th April

Tuesday 3rd April: Number Theory, Sequences and Series ,
Wednesday 4th April: Algebra, Functions * and Calculus,
Thursday 5th April: Trigonometry and Trigonometric integration, there is a lot to learn in this class, as a different approach to trigonometry is generally required for STEP.
 see the ‘Trig’ topic

Friday 6th April: Vectors : one of the most important topics to understand for STEP, and also a degree in pure mathematics. Students usually find this the hardest topic to understand, (and also the most useful class). see the ‘Vectors’ topic

*function theory is one of the most important pure topics on STEP at the moment, and covers the underlying often hidden logic being tested within a question.

  • Easter 4-day STEP III + Statistics Course –   9th – 12th April

Monday 9th April: Statistics, Probability and Counting,
Tuesday 10th April: Complex numbers and Polar coordinates,
Wednesday 11th April: Parametric curves and Hyperbolic functions,
Thursday 12th April: Maclaurian series and Differential equations,

part of the teaching on the Easter courses is based around explaining the techniques and tricks that are needed for STEP and some of the hidden ideas that come up and are not obvious!

Individual help, and ongoing support provided up until the STEP exams.

Possible to book any number of days of these courses.
The cost of each 4-day course is £ 425, or £395 for early booking, before 15.03.2018,  and it is £120 per day class, (with a booking deposit of £40 per class).
Discounts for booking 5+ days between the 2 courses.

Deposit required to book.
Enquire / book

All classes are held at Westminster Tutors college, and run from 11.00 until 16.30 daily.

Notes are provided for all of the courses.



Alice was a great help in keeping my maths up to scratch during my gap year and making sure I was well prepared for my STEP exams. The courses she runs are fantastic and very helpful in broadening my ideas of how to approach different types of questions. One to one, Alice is very easy to chat with, she uses her great experience and knowledge to identify which topics you find difficult and then make it one of your strongest. Without Alice I don’t think I would of enjoyed studying maths this year as much as I have. Thanks Alice for all your help this year! “ – Massimo Frangiamore (obtained a place at Warwick University) [online private tuition and Easter STEP Course]

Each class will cover essential in-depth theory, new techniques for STEP, and question technique.,