Thinking about ‘thinking’

If we think too much about how we think then we may create a ‘paradox‘.

but why ?

because we are using the thing we are trying to analyse to analyse itself.

This is always how a paradox is created.

[abstractly, there is only one paradox].

For example,

“This sentence is false”

is a paradox, as it does not make sense whichever way you look at it, and it can drive you mad thinking about what this is really saying!

Well, one interpretation would be that it is demonstrating to us that there is no true logic, or that the minute we try to be exact it doesn’t make sense, at which point, of course, some people will just be driven mad and decide they can’t think about it any more, whilst others will be intrigued and each group will always think that the other is inferior and should be thinking or not in the same way as them, which of course introduces the notion that every thing is really ‘perspective‘, and we should indeed be thinking in a system of thought of ‘perception and belief’ and not ‘logic’ (hence avoiding the issue of paradoxes altogether, so that every thing ‘makes sense’ again). But then it would also be an issue of perspective to tell any one they should be thinking in that way, when of course we should all be thinking in a way that makes us feel comfortable, (whatever that means), and , for some, thinking in paradoxes won’t even be an issue provided they don’t notice they are there, which does seem to be how things generally run, until a particularly difficult paradox arises…