My teaching methods for STEP are based on encouraging students to work through problems both with me and individually, and to analyse the thought processes involved in solving them.
The tuition is tailored to individual student’s needs, with techniques to inspire students to solve challenging maths problems and to understand and develop question technique.
These include:
Spotting A-level techniques (often hidden by the STEP question’s complexity);
Seeing links and clues within the question;
Lateral thinking – trying to find unusual or different ways to approach a question.
Central London is convenient for most people,
and I also tutor students online using (video) SKYPE and Messenger.



I had been self-taught through A-level and was apprehensive about being slowed down. However, Dr. Auld introduced plenty of new material each lesson and kept the pace up, explaining what I didn’t understand and repeatedly going over sticking points and motivated me to work harder. It is thanks to her that I achieved SS in STEP.” – Baskaran Sripathmanathan (S,S in STEP II and III, 2010)